★ The school arranges conveyance facility for the students. Students can avail it subject to availability.

★ Students wish to avail the conveyance facility shall have to pay the conveyance charge on or before the 10th of every month

★ Conveyance will be available only on the routes and at the stops fixed by the school at the beginning of every academic year. Decision of the school authorities on routing, timing, pick up points etc. of the school bus will be final.

★ A student must travel by the bus allocated to him. Change of bus shall not be entertained except on genuine reasons approved by the Principal.

★ Students must report at their scheduled bus stops at the fixed time. If not, the school will not be responsible for his having been left out.

★ Students without school uniform will not be allowed in the school bus. If a student travelling by the school bus indulges in any misbehaviour or acts of indiscipline, he will not be allowed to make use of the transport facility any more.

★ Students should converse in English in the school bus.