Students , especially small children almost loathe about the daily home work – assigned to them. The young mind some times envy their own teachers as they come in the class room, teach and leave- no home work , no tests and no assignments. That may be true but not in the coming era where teachers themselves have to prepare a lot before coming to the class room. The text book and dictation age is a thing of past. Modern teaching aids like audio and video presentations demand more preparation from the teacher.

Many schools have recently added such aids and techniques in the curriculum to provide to the students an all – incisive learning package and environment. In certain subjects like History and Science there are many things that can’t be completely described on the Black board or by oral recitation. A video presentation or a short film gives the students a better learning experience as they can watch the actual phenomina and processes.

With a view to provide these facilities , school has arranged 9 Smart class rooms. The time table is given in such a way that all classes will get one day to use these facilities once in a week. Well equipped Computer , Science and Maths Lab

The science lab has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the students. The lab are spacious enough to accommodate the entire class and the students get work station to work independently with out getting disturbed . The Labs are equipped with latest equipments. Audio Visual aids are extensively used to teach students.